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Winter Pond Scene Popup Card by blackrose1959 Winter Pond Scene Popup Card by blackrose1959

Two pieces of A4 white card have been used to make this one. Firstly I fold in half both pieces of card. The front piece I left complete,but the inside piece I had to cut small slots into for the pop up part. I then printed out onto two pieces of A4 photo paper the images needed to create this card. I then glued the front design onto the card,left this to dry and cut out all the remaining pieces required to make up the rest of the card. Whislt the front was drying off,I then put into place the sections for the pop up design and stuck them into place on the reverse side of the inside sheet using double sided sticky tape to secure them. After the front was completely dry I then glued the inside section with the pop up design on it onto the inner section of the card. The front of the card has been decoupaged and detailed using silver glitter peel off's,small clear round gem's and silver and white glitter. The has been done just using the silver glitter peel off's and clear round gem's. The inside pop up design has been detailed using silver and white glitter and clear round gem's.

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March 18, 2014
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